I offer a wedding photography and videography services at very competitive prices at a high quality professional standard.

I am full time professional wedding photographer and video-maker with over 20 years of experience.

My service can be described as unique reportage wedding photography and videography, with a style that is genuine unobtrusive reportage combined with fine art.

My motto is to be as natural, creative and discreet as possible.

My aim is to provide you with a beautiful collection of unforgettable images and videos of your perfect day.

I am cover London, whole country and throughout Europe, if required.

All images and videos taken are put through my digital retouching process for the best finish.

We also designing and printing of wedding albums and photo books, invitations and thank you cards.

All images and HD videos are recorded on standard CD/DVD or Blu-Ray disc if required.





20 % OFF for Pro Art Services


PHOTOGRAPHY   Basic – Great shots taken in JPEG / NO EDITED

Up to 2 hr – £150

Up to 5 hr – £300

Up to 8 hr – £450

Up to 12 hr – £600

PHOTOGRAPHY   Pro Art – Digital retouching process for the best finish

Up to 2 hr – £300

Up to 5 hr – £600

Up to 8 hr – £900

Up to 12 hr – £1200

  • travel cost £20 to £100
  • venue flash lighting system £200
  • additional photographer £300 to £600
  • set of three quality Photo Albums £400 to £600. One A3 and two A4 for parents. One only in A3 size for £300 to £400. See page for details.
  • pre wedding or engagement photo session £300
  • set of 50 Thank You Card £75


VIDEOGRAPHY   Basic – Well recorded in HD quality / NO EDITED

Up to 2 hr – £150

Up to 5 hr – £300

Up to 8 hr – £450

Up to 12 hr – £600

VIDEOGRAPHY  Pro Art – Digital editing process for the best finish

Up to 2 hr – £300

Up to 5 hr – £600

Up to 8 hr – £900

Up to 12 hr – £1200

  • travel cost £20 to £100
  • interviews £200
  • additional cameraman £300 to £600
  • trailer £200
  • pre wedding video £300







We offer set of three quality Photo Albums. Eko leather, 800 g/m2. One 12×18 for wedding couple and two 12×8 for parents. Price is depend of spreads quantity 20-35. £400 – £600.

Have a look at the PHOTO ALBUM section.



For every extra hour at the wedding day you need to pay £50 extra.



You can get Photography or Videography services or both. I have professionals ready to work for my company.



Your photos in JPEG hi res or full HD video will be transferred to your provided external hard drive finally in the end of your wedding day.

Your original RAW files will be store for future editing if you need.



Your photos will be shoot in RAW files, selected, edited and put onto personal designing disc and cover in hi resolution, ready to print, create photo book or display online.

Your video will be edited and put onto personal designing disc and cover DVD video disc.



Ie can edit yours photos and videos I store for you in my system.

You need to pay £200 for first set of 100 photos selected by yourself and than £100 for each additional set of 100 photos.

You need to pay £200 for first day editing of your video. and than £100 for each additional day.



You need to pay extra for our travelling & correspondence £20 to £100.



My way to work is to get as much as I can do on your wedding day.

I using two cameras with fix lenses and I shoot up to 4 thousands pictures. I am active all of the time with my video equipment as well to get up to 5 hours video footage.

My way to edit is to give you as much perfect and artistic photographs as I could do. You can expect up to one thousand edited photographs.

Also your video include all of the things happened on your wedding day. I am also do interviews with your guests. I like to use your own music and engagements slideshows. You can expect between 2 up to 4 hours edited video footage.



Please pay 50% deposit of the final amount at the booking time. Rest of amount need to be pay up to your wedding day.



My name is Daniel and I am provide wedding photo and video services for about 20 years now.

I have a professional photographers and videographers friends who I ask to help if you need both services. We working together for years to give you the best wedding services you can imaging of. We still trying to improve our experience by visiting wedding shows, photographic seminars and others.

All photographs and videos are edited by me.

The company is directed by me.

Please give as a advise if you think we need to improve our services.